lighthouse problem -- can't file patch

I've come up with my very first patch to Rails. I've gone through the
guide and got to the point where I'd need to create a lighthouse
ticket. But I simply cannot because nearly any lighthouse page, esp. is so slow to load that the browser
resets the connection.

I've googled around and seem to be the only one with this problem
(i.e. found nothing -- perhaps searched the wrong terms). Both FF
(5.0) and Chrome does the same thing, the same happens at home and at

Anybody have any clue? What am I missing?
Is there any other way to file a small patch?

Where did you find the instruction? We've moved to Github Issues for a
while now, so that one must be *really* outdated

Read the Contributing to Ruby on Rails guide:

As Prem said, you want to use GitHub issues these days. (note:, not is now available in read only mode, but it’s not for new bugs, just to preserve the knowledge in the old issue threads and not break URLs all over the web (I’ve even got some in my own code).

Thanks, it got it sorted. I read this BTW (see Sections 5.7 and 5.8): (i.e.
it's not the edge version kindly pointed at by Guillermo but it's at a
pretty prominent place I guess).

Yes, that's updated in 3-0-stable, but waiting for a release to be published.