Github issues

So I have been playing with github issue tracker and I think the new version is much improved. Would this be a good forum to discuss the possibility of moving to it instead of Lighthouse? The ability to manage both pull requests and bug tracking in one system seems like a huge win to me.

Anyhow, I would like to help with the transition if it is being explored.

I’m going to write a script to do the migration some time in the next week or so. We’re planning to move Adhearsion from lighthouse to Github issues.

Ben Langfeld

I’m actually surprised nobody ever suggested to move away from lighthouse. All this unmanaged spam is really boring.

The new GitHub issues is awesome. Using it would also be.

There’s actually been quite a few suggestions to move away from Lighthouse, there just wasn’t a good enough alternative on the market. I think that with the new GitHub issues there’s a high chance that Rails will be moving there shortly.

Actually, I've already suggested Redmine long before, since I really don't like Lighthouse. Although I prefer Redmine (or its fork ChiliProject) over Github's system, it is fine too. At least, I find it much better than LH regarding user experience...

I’ve made a start here:

This is the show stopper right now: If anyone can help figure it out, I’d be most grateful.

Ben Langfeld