Github patching?

I noticed the Wiki question, though unanswered:

I forked Rails, fixed a relatively minor bug and sent a pull request
to the "rails" account, referencing the Trac ticket. Does the "rails"
account's inbox get checked? Should I be sending pull requests to

It would probably be a good idea to get the wiki going so we can start
enjoying the git.


I don't think rails account box get checked. The best way is to create
a trac ticket ( as you already have ) and send an email to this list
describing the nature of the issue/fix. And probably try to get +1s in
#rails-contrib channel.

However, things might change a little bit once Rails moves to LightHouse.

Thanks. I'm interested in seeing how the transition to Lighthouse

Here's the issue:

The Github link is in the comments for easy pulling, if the patch


That rails inbox is going be full of shit in no time. Don't bother.
We'll turn off that pull request button on "rails/rails" once it can
be done in Github.

However, I wouldn't mind taking 'tiny' patches in via 'josh/rails',
( To warn you, I'm very picky, so you'd
probably have more luck w/ a formal ticket :wink: