Nomination for Commit Rights

Hey guys,

I just wanted to nominate Jeremy McAnally for commit rights to Rails.
While most of his patches are documentation, he has done significant,
coton the documentation (including writing pretty much all the docs
for ARes). Some of his accepted patches are below, if you want to
confirm the veracity of my statement. Bottom line, the inclusion of a
doc-writer in the group of committers can only help improve the Rails
documentation :slight_smile:

Hey Yehuda. I'm the "gate keeper" for documentation patches. I process the
documentation patch report ( and
apply/amend/reject the doc patches. If you have questions about your
documentation patch I can be the go to guy to ask. Anyone else on the core
team can of course help you but feel free to ask me :slight_smile:



My nomination came as a result of a comment by DHH yesterday that
people who have consistently contributed good work be given commit
access. I believe Jeremy fits that bill and am therefore nominating
him. Unless I misunderstood something?

-- Yehuda

On another note, lifo, Form, and manfred-s might be considered as

Looking forward,


We've been talking about this kind of thing for a while now, and I'm
not entirely sure that such a public forum is the place to have these

There's definitely scope for adding a few more people with commit
rights, but I think the more effective way forward is to continue to
merge and apply patches in a timely manner.

On another note, lifo, Form, and manfred-s might be considered as

I think it's okay to nominate folks in here. But it needs to be more
than just dishing out a name. Nominations should at least include a
top 5-10 of star patches, duration of involvement, preferably some
additional background on the person (like link to blog, forum
activity, other code contributions, like plugins), as well as a
highlight of any special areas of expertise or interest (like
internationalization, Action Mailer reform, etc). And we should
probably run 1 thread per person.

And of course, there's no guarantee that a nomination automatically
leads to core membership. But it'll certainly shine a bright light on
the person.


I honestly just threw in some additional names so it didn’t look like I was gunning for a particular individual. That said, I stand by my original nomination of Jeremy, and did including patches, and will put together the rest of the “portfolio” later today.


I specifically nominated Jeremy in here at the request of DHH :smiley:

– Yehuda

Ok, here's more info about Jeremy:

Jeremy has been contributing patches since March '06, and won (#1) the
original CDBaby Hackfest.
He's still the #6 contributor for 2007.
He worked on the Rails Documentation Project, rewrote all of the
documentation for ActiveResource and ActionView (see patches above)
He wrote two books about Ruby (including Ruby in Practice by Manning)
and is working on one about Rails.
He wrote DCOV (a RubyCentral SoC project), which allows you to search
your code for documentation coverage
He spoke at Goruco, Ruby East, and RubyConf, and organized the Ruby
Hoedown (a regional Ruby conference).

Bottom line is that he's been extremely active in both the Ruby and
Rails community, and specialized in documentation (see Ruby Doc
project, documentation patches, dcov, and bookwriting), which would be
extremely helpful to have on the group of Rails committers.

Thanks for listening!

-- Yehuda

Jeremy has been contributing patches since March '06, and won (#1) the
original CDBaby Hackfest.

We got Jeremy working closely with Marcel on documentation now, so I
think we have that angle covered. But we're still looking to get a few
more code contributors into code as well.