Community announcement: changelog entries

Hi all,

Our friends at Engine Yard have retained my services to go through the Rails documentation to get the new API documented for Rails 3.0.

You’ll be seeing a lot of commits to lifo/docrails from me, I completed all the basic documentation for ActiveModel.

However, the reason for this email is that I am working on the Rails 3.0 release notes, this is a big task given the number of changes… but I need everyone who has done commits worthy of change log entries to update the changelog file.

I’ll be doing my best to grab every relevant change, and soon will ask people to read through what I have written to add / improve / fix anything that comes up. But it makes it a lot easier if the people doing API changing commits update the changelog as they go.


Mikel Lindsaar

Great news Mikel!

Yup, kudos to Engine Yard.