Rails Documentation Drive

Hey guys, I'm taking the next month (December) off work to work full- time on the Rails documentation. I've set up a pledgie which you can donate to here: http://pledgie.com/campaigns/14034

My first task will be going through the "Configuring Rails Application" guide and updating that to be Rails 3 "compliant", adding in options that are new to Rails 3 and removing the ones that were deprecated in Rails 2.

After that? Well, I've got some ideas but I'd love to hear what the community wants documented. I know there's a lot of methods out there that don't have documentation, but what are the biggest ones? What always bites you? Let me know by posting on the UserVoice for this drive: http://docrails.uservoice.com/forums/88055-general

So if you don't have the time spare to contribute back to Rails, but do have some spare change, then please please donate to this effort to get better documentation for Rails.

Again, that link is: http://pledgie.com/campaigns/14034