Decent documentation?

Jamie (fearoffish) and I are working on improving the docs for Rails.

We're making "top-level" progress right now,
documenting/re-documenting high level things that need to be improved,
but on our lower passes, we'll drill down to this level and document
every options hash, every argument, and so on. It'll take us a little
time to get there, but we're working on it.

If you want to watch our progress (we work all day, every Monday),
then you can check out and use
login guest and password guest.


This is terrific news, Jeremy! Is there
any way of viewing some of your work? I found the to-do lists on your project,
but no actual content.



If you checkout the “Messages” tab, you can check out the tickets we’ve submitted so far. They’re not great in number (we had a lot of setup and planning to do!), but we’re hoping to start submitting more tickets this week. :slight_smile: