Git project/experiment : doc-rails

Hi all !

Lately there had been many tiny doc patches at trac, which could
easily escape our normal verification cycle. On top of that, we're
entering the whole new git-era of social development which eliminates
the notion of "core" in a way.

Our aim is to make it really easy to get your doc patches in main
repository. So to move forward, I've setup a git repository at github

I plan to give commit access to everyone who in the past have written
a decent doc patch. Or anyone who is interested in writing one ( and
can prove the quality of it by submitting at least one patch via
whatever method ). And I'll be syncing it with main Rails repository
every week or so, *after verifying* all the changes.

So if you're interested, you could email me directly or even easier is
to catch me on IRC ( nick : lifo ). And once I add you to the
doc-rails github project, you can commit directly to the repository
without forking it ( and not bother about chasing anyone to pull your
changes ).

Due to nature of this project/experiment, we're gonna have to follow a
strict set of guidelines for committers :

1. You are only allowed to change only docs and absolutely nothing else.
2. You should spell check your changes.
3. You shouldn't add an entry to CHANGELOG. ( I will be adding
changelog entries when syncing with main repo )
4. If you're introducing a whole new style of doc writing, you should
verify it with me first before you commit it.

Violation of any rule will result in lose of commit rights.

This is just a start. Moving forward, we could even do hackfest for
writing docs and probably try to convince caboose doc fund holders to
support this move in any way possible. But it all really depends on
how things work out with doc-rails.

So anyone who has ever complained about quality of Rails API docs, now
is your chance.

I’ve found the following link to be really helpful in finding undocumentated things.