More practice for rails

Does someone have same tasks to practice?
On the same level like michael hartl twitter or little bit harder.
It will be amazing to have a solution off that task

I can't find some exercise for rails unlike for PHP

Get and read Justin Weiss’s “Practicing Rails” book (

That said, pick one “smaller” aspect out of rails (say ActiveRecord::Serializers) and go to town building practice apps with models and tests and just work it until you know it cold.

In fact, work on testing; that’s a huge aspect that a lot of folks don’t have enough expertise on.

Small ideas, work them, like kata.

I was thinking to use someone else project and develop that project from
scratch because he has solution.

I know about small idea then to upgrade it some bigger thing, but i
would rather use someone else web application and practice on it.

If you know some web project (open source) which are finished let me

Thank you for advice for testing

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