rails example projects

a few months ago someone recommended grabbing gemcutter from github to
review for best practices techniques.
anyone know of some other quality sites that are on github as an
example of best practices?

just a noob trying to learn...

Hey Dan,

If you are looking to gain some experience I would check out http://www.railsmentors.org/ and see if you can find a mentor that would be willing to work with you! Might be easier then just looking at code, unless you prefer that way of learning.


i usually learn by thrashing around trying everything under the sun
until it works
then try to repeat the process while whittling it down to bare
needless to say, its not efficient

i did not know of rails mentors, so thanks for that!

rails mentors has not provided any leads to work with someone
id like to reopen the question again:

are there any example sites on github to study as best practices?

I think that this can help you.