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Where can I find examples of Ruby codes?

Try the Pickaxe Ruby book.


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Thuy Nhien wrote in post #972774:

Where can I find examples of Ruby codes?


Thank you for the links.

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You can find on Github, and on RubyForum.org.

I suggest you to install some software like in Ubuntu you can use Ruby

A pro developer suggested me to read the codes of these projects
because it's so pure:
rack-cache http://rtomayko.github.com/rack-cache/
Bacon test framework (also on Guthub)

I love DataMapper personally, and also try to read Devise.

And the best thing: read the API of Rails, since it's Ruby on Rails,
it's a framewrok written in pure Ruby language.
Have fun,

Answering the question "Where can I find examples of Ruby codes? ".
There are a lot of sources of ruby codes, but probably the question
should be stated as "Where can I find examples of good Ruby codes?".

Last Tuesday at LA ruby meetup we had a similar question from one guy
who wanted to compare his ruby code with the "best practices / style
One of the most popular resources that was named is github and
specifically rubygems.org project which is an opensource application
also known as "gem cutter".

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