Where to learn more?

Hello everyone, I’m new at this group and i’m very glad I found it. My name is Andres, and I has been learning rails since the last year. I have read a lot about CRUD operation, models, controllers, views, helpers, ActiveMailer and a few thing of ActibeJobs, but i want to go deeper than that. Can you give some advise about what to read/watch? It could be books, videos, courses (free or at least cheap ones). Any help would be good. Thank you!

Join an open source project. Or create your own rails app. You’ll learn way more by doing than by reading about it.

Welcome, Andres,

You ask a very common question; here’s what I would suggest beyond the usual RailsTutorial, Agile Web Dev in RoR, and Rails 4 in Action books.

First, Joe’s suggestion to join an existing project is a very good one. It’s easier said than done, of course, there aren’t many that just spring to mind, but there’s a few:

  1. Rails, itself; learning how Rails works and contributing to its development will teach a lot

  2. Head over to http://www.opensourcerails.com/ to see a bunch of OSS Rails applications

Other books that may help:

  1. POODR (Sandi Metz)

  2. Eloquent Ruby (Ross Olsen)

  3. The Well-Grounded Rubyist (David Black)

  4. Practicing Rails (Justin Weiss)

Ante up the $9 and watch all you can of RailsCasts, even though many are old, the concepts are still invaluable.

Head over to Avdi Grimm’s RubyTapas site and sign up; Avdi is offering some great deals on some coproductions with others, as well as a his own great set of small plates of ruby wisdom.

Learn more about Database design; Date’s books on understanding relational calculus are quite helpful, but very expensive since they’re university textbooks. I hope someone has some good suggestions here.

Learn about the frontend design enough to be able to talk to frontend developers and designers. It’s a language we all need to share.

Find a local Rails / Ruby user group, meetup, etc. Get involved in the local development community.

And practice, practice, practice. Create toy apps, learn about N+1 problems, using state machines / workflow processes, form objects, service objects, background jobs, accessing other web services / APIs, writing APIs, debugging your applications, deploying Rails applications in various environments, …

so much to learn