what is the best book to buy for ruby on rails testing?

is there any particular book that deals withh only testing..the entire
book..please let me know...


There is the RSpec book (http://pragprog.com/titles/achbd/the-rspec-
book) as well as Noel Rapin's Rails Prescriptions book (http://
railsrx.com/home/book) that you can look into.

Hope that helps.

is there any particular book that deals withh only testing…the entire

book…please let me know…

Whole book on testing is tough but you have got some cool testing stuff on rubyonrails by timothi fisher.


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thankk u all for the suggestions :slight_smile:

and i also have to build a website using ruby on rails..any
suggestions for that..

where do i get the tutorials or sample code..books..

thank you