Best Book 4 RoR


Is there a great book for Ror. I am looking for a book with a step by step approch and by PROJECTS!!
RoR needs to be ‘practiced’, and i didn’t find those WORKING PROJECTS.

Am i dreaming or is this paper exists. All the books on amazon are not amazING. They talks only about
theory. Theory is fine, i mean this is RoR. But then…

Thanks for those who, first, intend to read my poor english and thks VMuch for those who takes time to reply…

Is there a great book for Ror.

Yes. Michael Hartl's "Rails Tutorial" is generally considered a great
book, not only for RoR but also more than enough Ruby to really
understand it, plus good habits like testing (and tools to do it
with). Best of all, it's free to use online! If you like hardcopy or
ebooks you can get it that way too. See for more info.

I am looking for a book with a step by step
approch and by PROJECTS!!

Rails Tutorial walks you through a fairly complete project. Other
than that, though, "scratch your itch". Can you think of a relatively
simple web-app that you wish existed? Maybe something similar to
something that already exists, but with some feature added or change?
Create it! To paraphrase Gandhi, write the app you wish to see in the
world. :slight_smile:


Hi Adrian, this book is realy awesome!!!

others good books are:

and, this book is beign written for a rails core member

I'll toss in my current fave: Rails 4 in Action, although it is still being worked on and there is some ways to go with it. It's available as a review ebook at The previous edition, Rails 3 in Action is really quite good.

The alternative book seems to be Agile Web Development with Rails 4, from Pragmatic Programmers. I only used the very first edition of this book to learn Rails (in the 1.x time frame). The book at that time was pretty good for my needs, with a step-wise walkthrough developing an application.

Hartl's book and online tutorial are often given as recommendations; I cannot comment on them as I haven't looked at them at all, but it is the most common go-to.

But perhaps your search is actually for something more than can be delivered in a text book. If you want to look, has a whole lot of example real-life rails applications that you can dissect and discover how problems are solved. There aren't that many pure Rails 4 apps yet, but learning from the Rails 3.2 and earlier apps can also be quite helpful.

I'll second this, and add that it's a very nice training-wheels introduction to an agile workflow, too. Without getting too religious about it, it introduces you to the concepts of taking small bites of the apple, and building your features in a modular fashion.