Just want a good Rich Text Editor for RoR

I have tried: TinyMCE - would not let me 'edit' content from the DB FCKEditor - could not get it installed widgEditor - won't let me create content, only edit it RTE - couldn't get it to work

Please if you have used a good rich text editor in a RoR CMS system that lets users create and edit content to and from a DB, tell me how and which one. Please I have been working on this for two days now :frowning:

Thanks - K

You seem to be having quite a number of problems. Are you sure your browser is compatible? I use Safari and none of those work properly for me. In our apps we've been using TinyMCE, but I have to use firefox for it to work.


this is on my to look at list. so I don't know much about it... http://www.xstandard.com/

I am not using safari - testing on Firefox and IE. I think that I am having a lot of problems too - its driving me crazy.

xstandard requires users to install a plugin - I don't want to make them do that - so xstandard is not an option - thanks though.

then xstandard is out for me too. Thanks

You could also try spaw,


I've used it with success in FF and IE


Kim schrieb:

I am going with TinyMCE - I got it to work beautifully.

I like TinyMCE because it seems less buggy than the others - it seems to work find for IE and Mozilla (not extensively tested yet) - easily configures - and it looks the best

Thanks - K