Help with TinyMCE

Does anyone have experiance using TinyMCE in ROR?

I am creating a CMS type of system. I need text areas that users can
add formatted text and links. I installed TinyMCE and it works
beautifully when a user is creating an item in a textarea, but when a
user edits the item the textarea is no longer a TinyMCE editor - just
a plain old text area. Does anyone know why, and how do I fix it so
that when a user is editing a textarea item they can use TinyMCE?

Other options besides TinyMCE is welcomed as well.

Thanks in advance -K

I've never used TinyMCE for very long. I managed to integrate it
once, but it was much too bulky for my tastes. I really dug
widgEditor, despite its crappy icons: I just found
WYMeditor which looks *very* promising though:

Yes, I'm using this TincMCE plugin

and haven't had any problems with it.


I tried widgeditor - seems buggy. Its OK, but now I am having the
problem that when a user is first creating content the textfield does
not let you enter text. But it works fine when you are editing
information. Any suggestions?

I could not get the TinyMCE plugin to install - any suggestions?

Thanks --K

Yea, if you look at comment #208 on the blog, I posted a workaround for it:

Did you get tinymce to be able to edit content?

I have tinymce working fine on a rails app. Can you post the code for
the textarea that you're trying to make editable?


Sorry maybe I am confusing people. My problem is not that the text area is not editable, my problem is that when a user creates content (with a create action) for a page the tinymce editor works great, but when the user then wants to edit that content (with an edit action) the text area is just a plain text area - no tinymce editor - the content is displayed in the text area with html tags.

I want the users to be able to use a tinymce editor to edit the content - just like when they created it.

Am I making sense?


In Layout

tinyMCE.init({ mode : "textareas", theme : "advanced", theme_advanced_buttons1 : "bold,italic,underline,separator,bullist,numlist,link, separator,preview", theme_advanced_buttons2 : "", theme_advanced_buttons3 : "", plugins : "preview" }); In .rhtml partial (create and edit uses the same form) Description: <%= text_area('mod', 'description') %> Thanks for any help.

Thanks for everyones help - I got it to work - I was having a routing