Is this the "right way"?

The site I'm currently designing doesn't have a db back end. So I'm
using rails primarily for templating and some scripting.

I approached this by creating a controller called 'main' and various
views like "index", "welcome", "about", etc.

But then I'd get URL's like when I wanted

To fix it, I made some routes in my config/routes.rb that look like:

map.connect "welcome", :controller => "main", :action => "welcome"

This seems to work peachy, but I was this the "correct"
way to approach this site design with rails?

e.g. a 'main' site controller and address rewrites via routes.rb?

map.connect '', :controller => "post", :action => 'index'

  map.connect ':id', :controller => 'post', :action=> 'show', :id =>

  map.connect ':action/:id', :controller => 'post' # Is it that you

  # Install the default route as the lowest priority.
  map.connect ':controller/:action/:id'

These setting set post controller default that is my forum software
default controller.


others may make a more pententrating comment, however, the ROR API is
engineered for 2-tuples (x,y) where x desginates a controller and y
designates an action on the controller. this is the natural way to
approach ROR development.