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hey everyone, im working on my very first project using ruby on rails,
and I have a question about the controllers im setting up.

the website is pretty simple, there are a few sections, news, shows,
bios, photos, links, those types of things.

My question is: how is the best way to structure the controllers,
should I have a public controller that handles all of those areas,
since most of them are quick view and a detailed view, or should they
each be individual controllers (ie: newsController, showsController,

if the best method is to have it all in one "public" controller, then
how is my routes.rb setup to accomodate clean urls, so the "public"
part is not displayed, http://urlhere/home, http://urlhere/shows and
NOT http://urlhere/public/shows.

keep in mind - public - would be the name of all the publically
accessible actions/areas of the website, and is not to be confused with
the public directory where the image/styles/javascripts are placed.

Thanks for any advice someone can offer!

Tim Perrett wrote:

just use a map with options e.g....

  # application routes
  map.with_options(:controller => 'application') do |site|
    site.site_currency 'system/currency', :action =>
    site.site_login 'system/login', :action =>

You can see my path is nothing like that controller name...

hope that helps


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okay thanks for the example, but what would your url look like?

sorry - im still getting through the learning curve hah!