Routes problem.


Just a single problem i can't solve. The scenario...

I have a controller called "places" but i don't want to link the users to /places/whatever, i want something like /no/whatever. How to achieve this?

I have in my routes.rb:

map.resources :no, :controller => "places",

map.connect ':controller/:action/:id' map.connect ':controller/:action/:id.:format'

My problem is that i don't want to have 2 urls pointing to the same page. If I type "/places/whatever" i got the same as if i type "/no/ whatever"

Thanks in advance.

/places/whatever is going to be there because of the default routes above: ie   map.connect ':controller/:action/:id You probably don't want to mess with that setting either.

If you really want to use /places/<action> for something else, then you'd need to put a new rule in above the default rules to override them; something like:   map.connect 'places/:action/:id' , :controller => 'some_other_controller' Seems unlikely you'd want to do that. So, I think living with the two routes isn't a problem.

If you really wanted to shut it off, I guess you could have 'some_other_controller' send back an http status of 500 or something.   map.connect 'places' , :controller => 'some_other_controller' , :action => 'warn'

I defer to a routing expert though.