Is something up with edge?

When you froze edge did you remember to re-run the rails command? Depending on how long ago it was when you generated your app some of the script files, as well as environment files, could be out of date.

From the root of your application execute: “ruby vendor/rails/railties/bin/rails .”

Hi Josh,

Thanks for your feedback.

I just created a new project using "ruby vendor/rails/railties/bin/ rails" inside my freezed rails and even this new version didn't started, got the same errors!

Guess I will have to stick with version 1.2.3.



Can you run ruby script/about successfully?

I had to run rake rails:freeze:edge *twice* to get it to download the active_resource code. My first clue was the stack trace from script/ about.


Thanks a lot Jeff!

I never would guess this. I couldn't run ruby script/about but then I "freezed" again, saw the active_resource code was downloaded and everything works fine now. :slight_smile:

Nice to be on edge.