How can two persons work on same rails application from different location

Hi Everybody,
First I want to clear that I am new to Rails as well as to open source
(working on Microsoft technologies since last 2 years) so I am sorry
if some persons can think my question stupid. I am working with one of
my friend on a rails website. We are working from two different
locations. Now how can we work on this website together?
As rails uses only one directory for its files so it is not possible
to share code.
I have idea of subversion but as we are at different location it
should be available online. I am not sure how it will be possible?
Is there any other way so that we can work together??
Thanks in advance.

subversion can be hosted somewhere and you can get the source via http
then have local development copies independent of each other.

Deependra Solanky wrote:

Hi, you can do one or both of the following:

a) setup a Subversion repository

b) partition the work so that you’re not stepping on one another

Next, I would highly recommend writing the following tests because

it will simply make life easier in the long term:

o unit tests - model level testing

o functional tests - controller and model level testing

o integration tests - controllers and models testing

Good luck,


Thanks Mark/Sean for your quick response. Rails community is really
very good as I have heard.
Subversion hosting is OK but I don't think my current webhost provide
subversion hosting and its not possible to change host because I have
already paid for one year.
Any idea?

I may be able to help you with the subversion. My hosting company allows it and Im not using any where near my limits. I don’t mind sharing it.

Send me an email off list with some details (if you don’t mind) and lets see what we can do.

Host the subversion locally? Have you friend access your box. Thats what I do.
Lots of tutorials on net, so its pretty easy to get it fired up.

If it is an open source project, there are many places that will
provide you with subversion hosting for free.

Otherwise. If the webhost you have provides RCS or a similar tool, you
could use that.

RCS is manageable when you have a limited number of developers.

Deependra Solanky wrote:

There are free places that let you have your own subversion repository
with password-protected access, check out

For small projects you might look at svn+ssh access, which just wraps access in an ssh tunnel.


Thanks everybody for your replies.
Today I have seen one article about installing subversion on shared
host in your account (
subversion). I found it very good but have not tried it so far. I just
want to ask it is OK to do so. Are there any disadvantages of
installing subversion in such a way?

Sorry the link i have provided is not working the correct link is

Finally I have talked with my host and it has installed Subversion on
the server. So my 99% problem is solved. 1% left because it is only SVN
+SSH access. Although I have tested everything via Putty like -
creating repository, check-in, check-out etc but still I am struggling
to do it via TortoiseSVN. Everytime a connection closed unexpectidily
error is coming. But I hope I will figure out soon.
Thanks everybody for helping me.

After a lot of struggle finally now TortoiseSVN is working well on my
computer. I have commented out some lines in .bashrc file and now
everything is working fine.

Now both of us can work without any problem on same project.