subversion & multiple developers how to manage files?


We are using eclipse as a common IDE for developing a rails project using

Developers work on a number of differing OS's, win xp Pro, win xp pro x64,
unix (various flavours). On one unix system we have a subversion server. Each
developer needs to use his/her own mysql server running on their own
development machine. The common subversion client is subeclipse.

Can anyone advise how the server should be set up and files managed to ensure
that updates can occur but do not result in changes that cause different
developers grief. When a developer updates files from the subversion server
his/her database(s) also need to be sychronized.

How should each developer manage his/her files.

I am responsible for administering the server system and am new to both
subversion and eclipse so I am facing a steep learning curve.

Guidance would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Hi David,

There's some good information of the Rails wiki about using Subversion
with Rails. Like most source code control systems, Subversion allows
certain files to be ignored. For Rails, this often includes things
like temporary files and logs. It sounds like you may benefit from
keeping your database.yml file outside of source control too. There's
lots of tips on this here:

For Subversion, I can't recommend enough the free book, Version
Control with Subversion. The introduction and guided tour are
essential reading for anyone considering using Subversion:

Finally, Eclipse is wonderful, if you like IDEs. It's very
configurable, and has hundreds of plug-ins. Once you become
comfortable with Eclipse, I'd recommend considering Apatana, if you're
keen to use an IDE for rails development:

Hope this helps.

- Louis.

Thanks Louis - it sure does. Especially the link to the wiki.

I am Aptana - have been doing for some time- I have been using eclipse for
other (non rails based) projects for about three years now.

The subversion book I printed out a while back and find it really useful.. if
I can just just tweak everything to work with rails I am sure I will do fine.

Thanks again


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Thanks again


Sure does

Great - glad it was of some use :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip about bottom-posting; it's a convention I'll try to
adhere to from now on, as it certainly makes a lot more sense now that
I think about it!