Subversion AND Rails hosting

Hi Josh,

Josh Charles wrote:

I've been scouring the net looking for different hosting solutions, but have so far only found one site that has what I'm looking for. I would like to be able to host both a subversion repository for development and my rails application(s) all in one location.

I think you'll find that can help you. I'm using them on a shared plan right now, developing a Rails app, and can't say enough good things about their support.

From their knowledgebase, titled 'SVN Specific information'

hth, Bill

Hi Josh, Not sure if this is right for you but Rimuhosting's cheapest VPS is actually cheaper than the shared hosting account you posted, you'd then have the control to install anything you wish on the server with the benefit of higher storage, bandwidth and definitely better reliability for your rails app.

RailsMachine ( will do this. It isn't cheap, but the quality is high. The subversion setup is integrated into their railsmachine gem, so setting up a repository for a new app is as simple as "cap -a setup_scm". This will create a svn repository on the server, import your application code, checkout new working copy, and ignore logs and tmp.