I'm currently looking around for a hosting solution that offers virtual

hosting / virtual dedicated hosting for Ruby/Rails, Java (prefferebly with tomcat as part of the package, maybe even jboss) and Python/(turbogears/django


I'm currently looking at I'm just looking for experiences or suggestions any others might have with any hosting providers.


We are a small company specialized in Ruby on Rails and J2EE. Currently we are in the process of setting up Xen based Virtual Private Servers, tweaked and tuned for Rails & Java Deployment.

Our servers are extremely fast multi-processor, rock solid, and have a RAID-1 configuration.

If you are interested and you can wait for a few weeks (we expect to go live in January), we can give you a free testing account.

Prices will be fair, and we DON’T oversell!

For more information about our company please take a look at:


Harm de Laat Kabisa ICT

I highly recommend rimuhosting. They are currently hosting a couple Java based apps, for web and DNS, and everything is running very smoothly. Additionally their support group is top notch. Also you have restart control over your virtual server in case something goes haywire.

I can't say the same for VPSLand. Their response time is often slow (especially on weekends) and the servers had more downtime.

Regardless of who you choose, go with Xen VPS. Best bang for your buck.


V/r Anthony

I second rimuhosting. I use them for my blog, and they have been great.

I've also heard good things about slicehost ( - and they are actually cheaper then rimuhosting.

- Rob

Rimuhosting, period.

(Well, there are a few other hosts that are very good, like, … but I’ve found rimuhosting to be the most complete, very well priced and by far the best supported host around)

Best regards

Peter De Berdt