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Ok, so I'd love to get a slicehost account, and set all my rails stuff up there. However, the sad (and annoying) reality is that you can't get slices right now, and I've been on the waiting list for weeks and weeks, and it still has me at eight weeks away.

I can't wait that long, so I wanted to know what other VPSs people are using, and how they feel about them?

One thing I find really important is the ability to reinstall the OS whenever I want. I really loved Rimuhosting VPS because their support was amazing, but you could not reload the OS, which was a bit of a bummer.


Tell Rimuhosting reloading the OS is important to you and maybe
they'll reset your OS for free - they did for me.


Same here, we asked them to split up our dedicated server into a number of vps’s and they did it absolutely for free. There might be some boundaries to how many times you can ask, but their service is as you said impecable.

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Peter De Berdt

Yea, I guess I just like having the ability to install/upgrade/wipe my VPS whenever I want, without feeling like I am bothering someone to do it. Kind of like how Linode has things setup. I go with them, but I prefer someone who is running Xen.

Ehhh, it’s a trade-off. If you want full control, run your own box :slight_smile:

Seriously though, rimuhosting is great, helpful, and just quality. Linode is pretty decent too tough.

I use Stevenson Software. The owner, Dave, has been great. And my
rails site runs nicely.


Personaly I use railsmachine. A little pricey but great service, all
my tickets normally get resolved within an hour or so.

I am not sure if they do OS resetting but with there service, they
probably do.

I REALLY like Great uptime. NO Complaints. None.
100% Recommendation.

Check them out...


I use ServerAxis. $30/month for 512MB RAM/20GB HDD/400GB bandwidth
isn't bad. It is Xen-based and it has a management console where you
can reload multiple Linux distros on command, start/stop/reboot server,
check server status, and watch bandwidth consumption for the month. No
problems yet, but I've only been with them for about three months.

- Mike Sager

I've had a good time with for the past year or so.

I have waited for slicehost account for to menu weeks even I should
pay more months in advance.
Unfortunately, since I have just one life, I start to look to other

At that time the RaislRumble take place and as a one of contestants I
have opportunity to use Linode ( VPS for 48

Before the voting was over I get me one VPS at Linode and I strongly
recommends them as VPS for a Rails development.

I use, they provide ability to take a snapshot of your vps. Hosting costs are very competitive. Support is very responsive but you need to have a good knowledge managing a Linux server. They use OpenVZ for the VPS.

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StevensonSoftware is looking pretty cool. There website and control
panel seem to be running on Rails, that always a nice thing to see.
Prices are really good too. I think I might check them out.