Shared hosting for developping/tinkering

Hi everyone,

This is yet another "what's the best shared hosting" thread, except
this one has a twist :slight_smile:

I am starting a few small projects with someone, so we will be 2 people
coding from different locations. So I am looking for some shared
hosting which would offer features interesting to someone who's
developping. Mainly:

         - SVN (multiple accounts/multiple repositories preferable).
         - Possibility to install gems (or have an admin install them).
         - Shell access
         - Some kind of bug tracking webapp pre-installed would be
nice, but not necessary
           (suggestion on a bug tracking web app which is not Bugzilla
is more than welcome).
         - Not too expensive...we are 2 students.

Basically I am looking for a nice little playground to play with rails.

Here is what I came up with until now:

-Bluehost seems really nice but they don't offer SVN/CVS.

-Railsplayground seems nice, but they didn't mention that they offer
postgresql (eventho I saw a big logo of postgresql, if someone could
clarify I'd appreciate)

-Site5 seems nice too, but they only offer MySQL 4.X and I don't see
any mention of SVN in there plan descriptions.



I currently use and have had zero problems.

On the homepage it states that all accounts feature unlimited mysql
5.x, postgresql 8.x and sqlite. the $5/mon plan even has subversion,
trac and bugzilla hosting.

Damn, that's come all those sweet features are not written
in there description page



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