infrastructure for small RoR development firm

I use subversion with Apache and WebDAV.
Authentication is through htpasswd

It has worked well for us.



Thanks for your input.

one more question about svn repository:

at this time it runs in our lan and if i want to access it, i have

set up a vpn which gives me a lot of trouble because i am the only

running linux in our company. can i put the svn machine on the web
in a

safe way without having to use VPN? is SSH safe enough?

Remfull wrote:


I would like to hear some opinions about the ideal infrastructure
for a

small RoR development group. on short term there will be about
5 running

in production and there will always be active development on


should i work with a separate development/test server and a production

server both accessible via the web?

should i install svn / trac on the development machine?

is it smart to use a separate database server?

I would love to learn more about the tools /infrastructures used

other RoR teams

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