Extjs Alternatives?

Are there any similar libraries for rails like ext js? Because there
is little documentation on using ext js on rails I really don't want
to use it, instead I want to use something more compatible with rails.

I'm a big fan of jquery right now (http://www.jquery.org) . Good
documentation, quite consistent API.


from what I've seen I like it too. More compact and lots of plugin
supportm and the site is easier to use. Do you use both jQuery +
prototype/scriptaculous together? Is it possible to just chuck
prototype entirely to lighten the load? Or do rjs and ajax really
depend on prototype being there.

For my next project I will attempt to get rid of prototype altogether.
That means not using Rails *_remote helpers, among other things, but
in the end it will make the site much nicer to work with, easier to
test, and properly fall-back in case of no javascript.

As of right now though, I switched to jquery half-way through, so I'm
using both. While I've rewritten most of the javascript to use jquery,
I'm not going to replace the use of the Rails view helpers. Thankfully
jquery makes it easy to use the two without collisions:

var $j = jQuery.noConflict();



That doesn't include them? Seems to say it does, but maybe not well enough?

The problem with that plugin is that it's a direct translation of
prototype helpers to jquery, which means that you still have tons of
javascript in your HTML. If you want true UJS and javascript-agnostic
websites, you have to do the work manually. The UJS plugin will
definitely help somewhat, but it won't take you all the way.