First of all I am a bit confused by all the different JS library cos I

am completely noob in JS world. However all the cool JS stuff just

rocks. Now I am trying to understand the following:

  1. Some of the cool stuff that i want to do (like yui-ext comment

system)… can it be done using Prototype? is there any example or

something to learn from?

ExtJS now has a version that uses Prototype/scriptaculous instead of YUI.

  1. I know you can do that with Jquery but seems like there are lot of

work to put such stuff on production… this i gather reading various

blog post.

JQuery is really great, but in my experience there are more bugs in it than Prototype/scriptaculous. Proto/script also has the advantage of leaning towards the Ruby syntax in its Javascript extensions, so it’s easier to pick up than the other libraries, which lean towards other languages (such as Java with GWT for example).

  1. Are there any rails-app (open source) that are using yui-ext or

jquery that I could look and learn from?

Not that I know of.

I would advise you to stick with Prototype/scriptaculous for the moment (there seems to be a new JQuery for Rails plugin in the works, but it hasn’t been released yet) and buy the book “Prototype and scriptaculous in Action” from Manning. This way, you’ll be able to use the built-in Rails helpers for the basic stuff and fall back to custom JS code for the fancy stuff.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt

Has anyone actually read "Prototype and Scriptaculous in Action" yet?
it was published just a couple weeks ago and there's no reviews on

How does it compare with "Ajax on Rails" from O'Reilly?