jQuery Users...

Any jQuery users out there? I would like to learn more about
incorporating jQuery with Rails as the performance seems to be the
best of any library I've seen and it is great in separating the
JScript from the HTML. Any suggestions on where to get started? I've
read this (http://b.lesseverything.com/2006/12/31/making-jquery-and-
prototype-play-nice-in-rails) but was looking into some more.

Also UJS looks interesting and has greater support - are more people
using this?

Just wanted to mention that by saying UJS has greater support I mean
in Rails. jQuery has many more resources and valuable results with a
simple Google search.


I prefer jQuery to Prototype in rails apps, but it is getting to be a burden to integrate some things. Some of my latest code seems hacky, but I really dislike “onclick” event bindings!

I posted a similar question a few months back (I think there was talk of a jQrails or something similar) but I haven’t found anything so far.