Do you prefer JQuery or Prototype? Why?

Hey folks,

I'm about to start a new project and I'm considering using JQuery
instead of Prototype because I've heard that a lot of people like it.
I've looked at a lot of JQuery documentation, but I don't see what makes
it so different than Prototype.

Do you prefer JQuery? Why? or why not?


I prefer jquery now because it's shown me the benefit of writing
unobtrusive javascript. Prototype lends itself to being embedded in
the source, while jquery was built from the ground up to be put in an
external file, where you add behaviours to HTML elements at load time.

I also find the api much, much cleaner.


I have to second all of Jason's points. I also find it easier to write
rspecs for and to debug generally, especially when doing AJAX stuff.

OTH, I haven't found a good way to spec out the jquery calls
themselves..This might require a bit of Selenium or Watir. At this
moment this is a hole in my overall coverage.


Not being argumentative, but can you expand on that?