unobstrusive Javascript in Rails 3

I have written some Javascript in some of the Rails sites I've worked on, but I've tried to avoid it in many or most cases. I have a JQuery book, but have only really touched on it a little. I did do a bunch of Javascript on a project several years ago.

When I started using Rails 3, I noticed I had to specify or install Prototype explicitly and I see that Rails 3 recommends using unobstrusive Javascript. I've used JRails before as well ..

Is this a sign that I really need to start learning JQuery more ? I'm curious people's comments on this ..

Yes of course! :wink: Jquery is going to be the most popular Javascript framework, that’s why

in version 3 of Rails it is included by default. jQuery has also much more plugins ready to use

and it’s easy to write your own if you want. The power of Selectors in jQuery makes UJS handy.

I strongly recommend you to start learning jQuery instead of prototype, 'cause i beleive that jQuery

will continue to grow up and the same for its community.

Good luck :slight_smile: