Support Ruby(Rails) Growth

Chris Westbrook wrote:

I know that Prototype (*cough* "jQuery")is the library of choice for
most rails developers. When it comes to enterprise level apps and having
an extensive commercially supported library, you cannot beat ExtJS. If
you want a great case study, look at and how they have
used ExtJS as their library of choice.

Yay for Ext JS. The concept of having a rich JavaScript client
application talking with a RESTful Rails application works very well for
back-end applications. I can heartily recommend everyone to try it.
SproutCore and Cappuccino are among the alternatives.

There's this little chicken-and-egg problem between Ext JS and Rails
where the two have different interpretations of RESTful resources.
Nothing that a little customization can't fix, but following Rails
tradition it'd be great if Ext JS was compatible out of the box.

Of course, if the cost were the same as rails “out of the box” that would be even better.



Roderick van Domburg wrote:

Charles Johnson wrote:

Of course, if the cost were the same as rails "out of the box" that
would be even better.

+1 on that one too. :slight_smile:

Roderick van Domburg

It's a start, but the new beta just happens to be released as MIT
"Ext Core".

On that same note, those of you that have a hard time with RDoc, check
out the standard API Docs for ExtJS and Ext Core.

Even better, and not to hijack my own thread, but I started playing
around with the Documentation Generator and .... It works... Just find
yourself with the Ruby (*shakes head*) "=begins" and "=end".

I would say that this is a good "RDoc Alternative" for ruby code (And
JavaScript as well.)