Move from PHP to Rails


   Recently I designed a web application where I used the technologies
ExtJS and PHP. I didnt use any framework for PHP, I started with small
framework for DB. Now I want to move that application from PHP to
Rails and I want to continue with the same ExtJS. So I dont want to
change any of the javascript files for the UI. Anybody knows about how
I can do this migration simply.


You're going to be needing the Prototype/Scriptaculous adapter, so if
you built your own custom ExtJS, you're going to have to rebuild it
with the adapter in place.

Going to the UI code, how do you populate your forms? Are they loaded
inline, or fetched via AJAX calls?

I don’t see why to be honest. Nowhere in Rails have I seen a dependency on Prototype/Scriptaculous and I know for one that quite a few people are using other libraries (e.g. JQuery) instead. If you want to use the Rails AJAX helpers, something I wouldn’t do if you have already made a whole ExtJS application anyway (since you clearly know your way around Javascript).

Best regards

Peter De Berdt