Capistrano SVN help: conflicting copies on prod and local

I'm sure this is an easy fix for folks more familiar with subversion
than me, but here it goes:

I'm running Capistrano and have successfully deployed my app from my
local machine to my live server. The repository is on the server as
well. What happened is I had to generate some files on the live server
in the railsapp/current directory. So now when I try and commit
something from my local machine, it says:
svn: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: Out of date: '/db' in transaction '19-1'

Is there a way to update the repository with the contents of my
railsapp/current directory on the live server so I can check it out on
my local copy and eliminate this conflict? Is there a better way?



I didn't realize there was a deployment forum. I'll ask this there,
where it's more appropriate. Mods can delete this if they wish. Sorry
bout that.