Problems during deployment with capistrano

So I wrote my first little rails app and suceeded to deploy it to my railsmachine account. But now when I wrote a new app in Rails I want to overwrite the old one with this completely and I can’t seem to get this to work at all. Does someone have any tricks lying around to help me clean and re-deploy the whole shebang?

I am also new to svn but I have managed to checkout the code that I have checked in but do not how to commit the changes.

In your local SVN workspace, first add any new files to the repo:
  svn add *
Then check in the changes:
   svn ci -m "my check-in message"

Now, when you deploy (assuming capistrano is set up correctly), your
changes will supersede the old stuff on the production host. Cap
actually leaves the old versions of your code on there too, but
creates a symlink to the most recent version as 'current'.

This page helped me a lot with deployment: