Slightly Off Topic: Rails/SVN/ Git?

Jeff Pritchard wrote:

I've been using SVN and Capistrano with rails for a long time now. I'm
pretty happy with the setup, and svn works well with capistrano without
the additional calisthenics that git's non-centralized server approach
brings to the table.
I also like having my svn server always up to date and running on the
linux box 24/7 so I can get at my stuff from anywhere and make changes
The one area I have found it lacking, and admittedly it is probably
because I'm a very novice user of svn is when it comes to making
branches or some other means of selectively deploying some of what I'm
working on without deploying everything. For instance if I have some
stuff deployed to the staging server and the Boss has finally tried it
out and said to send it up to the live server...but meanwhile I've
started something else, some of which is checked know the
It seems one of the things git users like the most about it is that it
is very easy to make branches for things and merge them back in as
needed. I'm wondering if anyone has started using svn and git together
such that things on the local machine get "gitted" on a regular basis,
each on their own branches, and then whenever you need to deploy
something to one server or the other, you "git your stuff together" and
then commit that to svn and cap it to the server.
In other words, git locally, and svn for global and deployment file
management? Does this work, or do they fight with each other?

Just make a
branch of what you have submitted to the boss. You will then use that
for production when he blesses it. In the mean time you can continue
development on the trunk without changing what is on the branch. If
you have to correct errors on the branch you can merge the branch in
with the trunk or just maintain them seperatly depending on what your
configuration management plan (You have one of those don’t you/) calls