Best editor/environment for Windows?

What’s the best editor or environment for Rails development in Windows Vista? I’ve been doing Rails development personally on my Mac at home. But now that we’re going to start using it at work I need to find a good setup on our Windows desktops.

How can I add/generate more models/controllers?
Just via console? No way to do this into Aptana interface?


When I have to turn my PC on, I use the ‘e’ editor, tortoiseSVN, mysql command line

I maintain Eclipse for Rails, a package similar to RadRails / Aptana, but customizable. I don’t market it too much (too afraid of what that would mean in terms of supporting it) but I am astounded by how many people actually like using it. I’ve gotten mostly positive feedback

I personally use this, but I use e (
) a lot too. You have to have tortoiseSVN though, it’s one of the best ways to use and manage a repository.

I wrote a shortcut for O’Reilly that will show you how to get a solid development environment running on Windows.

Sorry for the shameless self-promotion, but I figured it would help some people.

Thanks for the replies. I like the concept of e-texteditor, but it sucks to pay for a beta product. I’ll have to play around with the Eclipse plug-in solutions and see what works out.

I’m not sure what the exact details are, but I think you can still use it after the trial expires.

Try Netbeans dev version. It has excellent support for ruby and rails. You can get a slimmed down ruby only version of Netbeans here:

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