What is the best editor for Ruby?


i m new in Ruby on Rails, i want to use an editor to practise it, so
what editor should i use ?


Depends what platform you’re on. RadRails is excellent for Windows. Mac users tend to swear by TextMate. Check out Arachno for Ruby also. But it’s very personal!

For linux ?

For Linux: RadRails, of course :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been using Eclipse with RadRails plugin[s] and, other and Java’s well-known memory usage, I like it a lot. I suppose I could bite the bullet and choose something leaner but I’ve grown accustomed its syntax checking.


This should be of some help.



I've tried several nightly builds of netbeans6 with JVM 1.6 but they are
not stable at all.

Tim Pope's Vim plugin really rocks.

Aptana works perfectly, it´s very good

True, the NB dailies are a wee bit unstable at times. However, it is months away from release, so that is to be expected. It is alpha quality at this time, but still surprisingly useful. I use it every day. There's also a build just for Ruby, which tends to be a little better than the full IDE: http://wiki.netbeans.org/wiki/view/Ruby


Pierre-Alexandre Meyer wrote:

Sure. Developers do a great job!

Hi there,

An editor/IDE is a matter of choice and a cause of holy wars :slight_smile:

My personal requirements for my main professional tool is
1) It's the same on windows and Linux. I do my own stuff in Linux, but
at work I have to use XP. This way I don't have to switch when
changing OSes
2) It's the same for all development platforms, so I don't have to
change it when I do Ruby coding, Java coding or anything else

My choice is jEdit which is a modern programmable editor with a wealth
of plugins for different languages and tasks. RubyPlugin +
ProjectViewer + more

I use the same keyboard shortcuts all the time, learn the tool,
program my macros, get more efficient...


1) I have had fabulous success with Netbeans 6.0. Yes, its still in
development, but I have been using it nearly daily without a hint of
trouble. YMMV. Here is a link to a blog of one of the primary
developers of Ruby for Netbeans, Tor Norbye. Tor is cool, and the
blog is very informative as it outlines his weekly development of Ruby
for Netbeans:


And here is a link to the nightly build of Netbeans 6.0. Be sure to
use the Update Center to auto-install all the Ruby stuff:

And, they are also considering a Ruby-only version of Netbeans
(meaning, with all the Java stuff extracted out). Try here for that
Hudson (I think this is the code name for the project) install. In my
experience with it, it is also as stable as the "full Netbeans":

2) Before Netbeans I was using Konquerer for my "file/project
browser" and the Kate editor (that comes with a KDE install). I have
to say that I was quite satisfied with that. But it won't give you
syntax checking and the like (though the syntax coloring is nice).
Still, I was quite content with it for some time.

My advice would be to try Netbeans. I use it for my daily RoR work.
It is great now, and will only get better (add more features) as they
approach the official Netbeans 6.0 launch.


I've used RadRail (0.8 included) s for some time but I think Netbeans
(6.0 M9) have better ruby/rails support.


ibn tachfine ha detto: in data 11/05/2007 13:12:

For linux ?

Vim http://www.vim.org +
VibrantInk Theme http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=1794 +
Vim-Ruby http://wiki.rubygarden.org/Ruby/page/show/VimRubySupport +
Rails.Vim http://rails.vim.tpope.net +
SuperTab http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=1643 +
SnippetsEmu http://vim.sourceforge.net/scripts/script.php?script_id=1318 +
VimMate http://vimmate.rubyforge.org


Dude, you really rocks. Thanks a _lot_.

I got one? I handcode HTML/CSS... But I still use dreamweaver to
quickly view things. I am using dreamweaver 8. Is there a way to
configure dreamweaver to interpret rhtml as html?

My dev team breaks down like this:

- RadRails/Windows Vista: 1
- VIM/Ubuntu: 3
- Textmate/MAC: 1

I'm the Windows user and I really like RadRails.

I will have to say Aptana (w/RadRails) is my current fav right now.
You really can't beat the svn integration that allows for easy
rollbacks and visual comparisons.


I'm using Netbeans 6 and it is great, lots of nice features and code
completion, used on both Mac and Windows. Runs database migrations as
well as script/generate and also debugging with breakpoints (I am
told) but have not tried it. One thing though is I have only found
success with Netbeans 6 Milestone 9 which can be tricky to find on
their site. Apparently works with Milestone 8 but I had difficulties
with this release. You need to download the full version of M9 and
then only select Ruby and deselect all the Java and the Java
enterprise servers stuff. (unless you're a Java developer, obviously!)

Take care,


I am a newbie and had to figure out what would work for me too. I use
a windows laptop and though I used an IDE previously, I find that it
is overkill for RoR. I am using an editor called "E", it is a textmate
clone on windows. The bundles feature is a time saver and if you need
to refactor a variable name or something like that, it has some cool
editing features that help. If you need an IDE, RadRails is the best
one out there. Having said that, netbeans looks like its going to be
great, too buggy for me right now.