Angular or Ember


Sorry for the stupid question. I am a solo Full-Stack-Developer, to save time I work with bootstrap layouts, which are very easy to find in Angular or only HTML. Working with ember.js, would mean, maybe in the future I would need to convert those html in Ember.js Apps.

Everybody says that Ember is the best with rails, but I learned a little bit of angular a while ago and also in the end Rails will just work as API with Angular and Ember, so I don’t understand why Ember is better?

Also Angular is popular and I would save time as I already have done 2 weeks training on it.

This is the layout I am talking about, very ofter we can find Angular.js Layout for just 18 Euros, so it does not make any sense to invest hours of work in doing it… I would use Angular or Ember mostly to deploy my app to mobile with Phonegap, but as my understanding I do not need Angular or Ember to deploy to Android/IOS with Phonegap…

Thanks a lot for your advice Fabrizio Bertoglio

I don’t understand why Ember is better

I think this “myth” was born because the main creator/contributor to Ember.js was on the core Rails team previously.

It only means that the philosophy behind the two frameworks (Rails and Ember) are similar.

AFAIK there’s no other particular reason for Ember being better with Rails.

Rails tries to be, as much as it can, client-side independent.

Thanks a lot Nuno.

I think you are right! Also I would like to develop my mobile app with Ionic Framework which is based on Angular.Js so I am going for angular… It is just so much popular and that brings so many advantages

Thanks Bye Fabrizio