What JS framework would be your first choise in Rails World 2015

Hi everyone,

Just want to know your opinion on what JS framework better suites rails
world in 2015. Which one would you prefer and what advantages and
disadvantages it has?

Personally I found Angular good enough to work with and I ended up in a
mess with Ember (Ember CLI) which some people claimed to be the most
elegant solution for rich client side rails app.

Ember is richer and more full-featured, but is large & complex, and changing quickly.

Angular doesn't provide as much infrastructure, but definitely has a certain spartan elegance going for it.

Flux or Redux on top of React is one more option.

In my opinion, those are the top 3.

(Actually, I think a better question would be: is Rails right for the SPA web apps of 2015?)

So are you saying these three top choices for more than a single page app, but
question if Rails is appropropriate for a single page application (SPA)?

I am curious why you brought a specific group of application style into
the discussion. How would you change up your recommendation for a
multiple page application?

I've tried Angular and Ember both. For some reason I haven't had much luck with learning them. I picked up React recently and I really like it. And it integrates nicely with my Rails apps.

Well, I suppose I was being a bit loose in my phrasing, and used SPA when I was really referring to any web app where the rendering is done client-side, and the app server now just sends over data, instead of rendering pages.