Ruby on Rails or Ember.js with Rails API

Hello Experts,

I have been developing with Ruby on Rails for 4 months and I just finished my first app (the link below).
For my next app I thought about using the open source project Discourse that uses a lot of Ember.js for the App and Ruby on Rails as backend API, but I am skeptic about this as I really LIKE Ruby on Rails, I would like to work on the Backend and I have some Angular, Jquery, HTML, CSS skills that I would like to sharpen, while learning also SQL and some Backend staff…

My question is if Ember.js is really useful, as when a JS Framework is used in developing a Ruby on Rails App, ofter we are speaking of a team of developers and consequently some will be taking care of Front End while other Back End. I would like to be in the Backend team, so I think that the best approach for developing my Apps for now is only using Ruby on Rails, but I am a noob and I would like to receive some advise.

Thanks a lot
Fabrizio Bertoglio

Wow. Very nice. My rails app looks ugly.

Thanks a log, I don’t think so (about your Apps)…
What do you think about using Javascript Frameworks with Ruby on Rails apps?


Of all the JS frameworks ember seems to be the best. It brings out consistent code practice from the team that uses it, it has great culture and community too.

Personally I have always favored using Rails. Till this day I am able to get away using what Rails offers. It would be nice if I can code completely in Ruby thus avoiding Javascript, but neither do frameworks like Volt, nor opal-rails has really matured and have a decent community. I am stuck with coffeescript.

Yes try out ember, but if it takes time to implement feature, you must make a choice to go ahead with Rails or Rails + some framework.

I think that I will try to sharpen my Rails Skills.
Then I think I will need to learn after Rails also Rspec, PostgreSQL, Caching with Apache or Nginx (Server) and Database(Redis), Deploying with Capistrano, API’s then I will do Ember.js…

Maybe this could be a good plan…