Using Angular with Rails

Does using Angular with rails imply that I have to only send json data to the client, all my links have to be handled by angular and I would not use rails partial rendering ?

That is kind of the impression I get.

Currently I have stuff like this which is not really best practices:

The thing is, the client is not really concerned about whether angular is used or not. Also, I think they do not want the browser back button to become non functional between pages which seems like that can be tricky in some cases with angular, though I am not sure.

I hesitated to consider ember because it seems like ember want to drive everything whereas I can work aspects of angular into my current code in some limited ways.

I would have considered React, but I have less experience using that …

No you do not have to immediately embrace all aspects of angular. My first app with angular only used it for displaying tables. Each subsequent app, I make it more angular and less rails.