An article: interest in rails is waning

Yeah that’s an interesting insight- no need for rails training as much now.

And I have moved this discussion to the right group.

Has anyone else read the article: ? Were you shocked as well. :slight_smile:

At enterprise, I observed that they want to save money for maintenance process.

What I mean to say suppose, we want to upgrade to Rails version from 3 to 4 or 4 to 5, then they want code changes or development activity to be done faster.

Like in the case of Java they see the benefit of Java backward compatibility feature.

I think if Rails community is able to solve backward compatibility(while doing upgrade process) with no code changes required by the developers(who will be pulled out of other projects in the enterprise to work on immediate basis) then it will move far ahead in convincing enterprise to use it more and more.

It’s the same way Rails community solved the problem of installing gems and their dependencies via Bundler.

I might be wrong with my observation. Will be more than happy to further get enlightened.

Thanks & Regards,

Ankur Gera

It’s drivel. What difference does the market use of a tool make to people learning to code from a standing start. Unis still teach Logo and Fortran (among other esoteric anachronisms).

I’ve worked at (and set up) a fair share of code-bootcamps. Pandering to the “employers want Java” camp just causes the “employers want .Net” camp to scream louder.

The fact of the matter is, the students need to learn to code. Ruby is a good language for that (as are others), and whether or not it’s a saleable skill after 10/12/14 weeks of study is irrelevant. The students on the boot camps are taking the first steps in learning to code - often from having never ever tried to code before - and if they get a job at the end of the course that they need to be familar with Java (or any other language) for, at the level they’re at, it’s a trivial task for them to come up to the same level they are at in whatever language they studied on their boot camp.