Trainer On Rails is back !‏

Hi Folks,

Just a friendly advice: Trainer On Rails is back.

I'm still tidying it up. My intention is to get everything there in
Rails ASAP.

The final Rails course format should be very similar to the one used
by Satish Talim on RubyLearning Ruby courses. that was the original
Sunil Kelkar’s intent after all.

By now, there is only a main page with a few links.

The first full available course is the HTML one. It may seem strange,
but I have a point.

There was a bunch of team mates working in COBOL and VB (VB6 client /
server I mean), wanting to learn about programming for the Web and I
believe that this real need, is very common around the world.

Well, I simply could not start teaching Rails for this group, so,
there is the idea of three basic DIY free courses:

- HTML basics for COBOL and VB programmers
- Ruby Language for Rails
- Ruby on Rails basics

That is the reason to start with HTML. The pages were made to make the
teaching and learning process easy.

For an audience that should know almost nothing about Web, the
material is almost complete.

Anyone can use it to teach for a group or learn by himself. Just need
to follow the pages and reproduce de provided HTML code.

If you do know any COBOL or VB programmer looking for a good Web
introductory course, please, be my guess, show them the HTML course,
or even better, teach them using those pages !

Further, I intend to publish a course of Ruby for Rails, exploring the
points of the Ruby language that will be essential for the Rails
course itself.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

The link, of course, is this one: