looking for a somewhat old quote

In the early Rails days a few renowed people rewrote a Java webapp in
Rails, and they did it in a fraction of the time and with less lines
of code than lines of XML config files. That was about four years ago
or something like that.

I can't find a quote for that, web page, book prologue... anyone?

I'm pretty sure that came from Bruce Tate's "From Java To
Ruby" (http://www.pragprog.com/titles/fr_j2r/from-java-to-ruby). I
think there's a copy hanging around at work, I can probably look it up
on monday if you haven't found it then.


Right :-).

I have the book and have scanned it. It is explained in the section "A
Case Study" starting on page 38.

Bruce Tate and Justin Gehtland (Java experts, authors, etc.) write a
Java webapp in 4 months that took even longer in .NET. They use
Spring/Hibernate/WebWork. Then Justin rewrites it in Rails in 4
nights. The application runs even faster. In the book I see no comment
about LOCs, but following those hints I could finally get to the
original post by Justin


that has some metrics.

Thank you very much Fred!