An article: interest in rails is waning

Hello people,

I was mildly shocked to read this article:

Wanted to know what you think.

I kind of agree with the front-end becoming more relevant argument, but projects being started on spring instead of rails. Is it really true, or more importantly, could it be better ?

Rails is already embracing JavaScript and SPAs with webpacker.

This article wrote that java is challenging for new devs. Seriously? Java is easier than Ruby?!

I am a big fan of rails, and personally hate java. But my opinion is quite biased. Rails is the only web framework I’ve on since I started 5 years ago. So what do you think about the article.



That article is a joke. Of course Rails training is not as much in demand as it was when it was brand new and nobody knew how to work with it. But to think that the change in that has anything to do with the rise of J2EE/Spring?! Come on.

Anyway, this list is for discussing the implementation of the Rails framework. You can use rubyonrails-talk for general discussions.

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