Anyone read this , opinion ?

Hadn’t seen it before -

Rubyisms in Rails , published back in July in PDF .


Seems like a nice read:

I'm considering to buy it...

Coming from Python with no prior knowledge in neither Ruby nor Rails this book was a life saver to me.

It is not all that much about Rails though, but about Ruby especially in aqll aspects that mater in Rails

I think the optimal audience are people like me - experience i other OO languages, but new to Ruby and Rails, and wishing to understand what's going on under the hood


I just finished reading this book. This book has the best explanation on symbols. It does a good job of explaining duck typing, blocks and metaprogramming. The topics under metaprogramming are very easy understand, they are reflection, message sending and method missing.

I found it easier to understand because it shows snippets of Java code to show how the problem can be solved and then gives the Ruby equivalent.

It does not explain very well or go deeper on the DSL topic. This could have doubled the size of the book easily.

Sounds like it’s a definite buy. Stuart