ActiveSupport::Dependencies does not exist on branch

This commit seems to have broken the stable 2-1 branch:

I think it should not have been committed to the branch because on the branch lib/active_support/dependencies.rb does not yet have its module namespace wrapped with the ActiveSupport namespace (looks like that's only on the trunk). fwiw, I'm looking at this version of dependencies.rb

Am I confused here? When I look at the dependencies.rb file on the tree attached to that commit it looks like it does not have the ActiveSupport namespace wrapped around it, but I'm hesitant to call it a bug because it seems like this would have been picked up in the simplest of tests (it fails for me on loading script/console).



p.s. running: "git revert cce30f71246dbc5433153156afa4f952553ad13d" fixes the problem.

I posted on this a few days back and also created a ticket:

- rob

Thanks for the heads-up, guys. Josh merged the missing commits over to 2-1-stable.