new dependencies code - any docs?

Any docs on the new dependencies stuff? I realize it follows the
conventions Rails follows, so a top level directory foo contains a
module Foo, which then includes the required files that are in child

However, I'm looking for stuff like - does this work in any directory
w/i Rails, or only w/i /app? What will happen if you have two trees
setup, one in /lib for instance and one in /test. Anyone know where
to look for that besides the code?

- Rob

I should clarify what I'm talking about here: when I say
"dependencies", I'm referring to the new reloading/magical-loading of
things by hooking into const_missing and and related methods. It was
discussed here:


But I don't see anything on what conventions it follows. For example,
if I'm in a model file and try to use "NameSpace::Foo::Bar", what
directory structure will Rails assume when it goes looking for the
matching files?

- Rob

Think Java, where all the normal Rails directories are in the CLASSPATH. No NameSpace::Foo::Bar will be a file called bar.rb in a directory name_space/foo, somewhere in the Rails tree (say, under lib/)